Nyheder fra Danske Slotshoteller

Valentine's Day February 14 is celebrated with romantic candlelight dinner: Welcoming with pink frothy sparkling wine with lumpfish caviar on blinis.

Valentine's Day Slotsmenu:

  • Fiskebouillaisse med estragon mayonnaise
  • Anguskalv lyserødt stegt med rodfrugt og tyttebær
  • glace og pommes mousse
  • Chokoladesymfoni med skovbær

Evening coffee, tea and chocolate are served in the living rooms. Price: 349DKK.

There are many other legends behind Saint Valentine, none of them based on historical facts. One is that in the 1st century AD it is said that Valentine, who was a priest, defied the order of the emperor Claudius and secretly married couples so that the husbands wouldn't have to go to war.

The legend claims that soldiers were sparse at this time so this was a big inconvenience to the emperor. Another legend is that Valentine refused to sacrifice to pagan gods. Being imprisoned for this, Valentine gave his testimony in prison and through his prayers healed the jailer's daughter who was suffering from blindness. On the day of his execution he left her a note that was signed “Your Valentine.”

Pope Gelasius declared February 14 St. Valentine's Day around 498 A.D. Later, during the Middle Ages, it was commonly believed in France and England that February 14 was the beginning of birds' mating season, which added to the idea that the middle of February -- Valentine's Day -- should be a day for romance.

Valentine's Day at Dancke Slotshoteller

The banqueting hall at the castle is created for romantic weddings. Arrive at the main entrance by horse-drawn carriage where the red carpet is rolled out. Guests are welcomed with a glass of champagne. Dinner is served at beautifully decorated tables under crystal chandeliers. Coffee is served in the saloons before the doors to the banqueting halls are opened, where the music plays.

Bryllup fra Danske Slotshoteller

  • Welcoming drink with sparkling wine served in the park or in the living rooms 
  • 3 courses wedding menu served in the banqueting hall
  • White, red and dessert wine that goes well with the food that is being served
  • Evening coffee and tea with chocolate served in the living rooms
  • Free bar with beer, water & wine for 2 hours and possibility for music and dance

Price per person 995 DKK

 Our wedding planner helps the future bride and groom with all wedding arrangements to ensure that the result is perfect. The wedding ceremony can take place in the nearby church or at the castle.

  • Friday till Sunday event
  • Arrival and check in for 2 nights. Price from 375 DKK incl. breakfast in Apartment
  • Wine tasting with story telling about the castle. Price from 95 DKR
  • Menu, for instance Castle Angus burger with meat from own breed 150 DKK
  • Afternoon party with wedding ceremony, wedding cake and drinks can be arranged
  • Sunday: Breakfast and check-out










Vraa Slot is located in North Jutland by Tylstrup, north of Aalborg. Up to 106 guests can be seated in the banqueting hall.

Hvedholm Slot is located in South Funen in the outskirts of Faaborg. Wedding party with up to 300 guests can be arranged.

Sauntehus Slotshotel is located in North Zealand by Hornbaek, not far away from the beach.  Wedding party with up to 120 guests can be arranged in the banqueting hall or in a wedding marquee in the park.

Sophiendal Slot is located between Arrhus, Skanderborg and Silkeborg with view to the Himmelbjerget. Wedding party with up to 110 guests can be arranged in the banqueting hall.

Store Restrup Slotshotel is located in Jutland, just outside Aalborg, between Frejlev og Soenderholm. Wedding ceremony with up to 300 guests can be arranged.

Kokkedal Slot is located in North Jutland with a great view of the Limfjord, west of Aalborg. Wedding ceremony with up to 106 guests can be arranged in the banqueting hall.

Easter Holidays from Danske Slotshoteller Easter Holidays from Danske Slotshoteller

Easter, Saturday and Sunday, in the restaurant will be served a delicious  Easter lunch for DKK 168 per person. Children 4 - 12 years old,  ½  price. The menus can be seen under "restaurant". 

After lunch, there will take place an Easter egg painting competition for children and adults.

Easter Eve, there will be tasting of special brewed beer instead of wine tasting.


Easter stay with half board

Good Friday: Smaller double room, 2 course Easter dinner served in the restaurant 

Easter Eve: Breakfast buffet, Easter egg painting competition, beer tasting, 2 course Easter dinner. 

Easter Sunday: Breakfast buffet and check out

Price: DKK 1.198 per person

Extra charge per person: Single room DK 250. Room with four-poster bed DKK 200.

Children 4 – 12 years,  ½ price in extra bed 


The chef arranges gastronomical classes, where the participants will have the possibility to learn how to cook gastronomical dishes. The duration of the classes ranges from 2 to 3 hours.

The participants will have the opportunity to learn, how to handle raw ingredients and how to cook fine cuisine and to create new dishes. The class will inspire you to develop your own culinary style. The participants who are already in the industry, are the target group of this course. 

Gastronomy courses can be arranged at all hotels where guests are invited into the castle kitchens. Participants of a gastronomy course are taught about kitchen traditions and areas of running a castle as seen on television shows like Downtown Abbey and Upstairs & Downstairs.

A cooking class begins with the division into teams followed by an introduction with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Second step on the tour is the rotation of the teams on a gastronomy course, starting out in the kitchen where the chef will guide the participants in the preparation of tonight's menu. Following will be a tour of the wine cellar with a wine tasting and introduction to the wines and their background. Final stop on the tour is the restaurant where the waiter will tutor the teams in formal arrangements of tables and cutlery, flower decorations and traditional custom and serving. The course can get expanded with a fourth element after request. 

Gastronomy Courses from Danske Slotshoteller

Courses are arranged according to the selection of castle and the division into teams. From 12 to 99 participants. 

Price: DKK 295 pr. person including tools, commodities and drinks as listed above.

Danske Slotshoteller

Vraa Slotshotel

The Castle is located near Tylstrup to the North of Aalborg. It is, built in 1645, is surrounded by a moat and is located in an old manor park. Vraa Castle Hotel houses a cozy restaurant that has been renovated with much care and respect for its original style and design and with an exit opening up to the terrace and castle gardens. The Great Hall is situated on the ground floor in the main wing next to the bar and lounges.

Located in Vendsyssel, 20 minutes from Aalborg Airport and a few minutes drive from the highway leading North and South, Vraa is easily accessible. The historic salons and halls are a beautiful setting for meetings, conferences and family events. For meetings and conferences, please click here.

All rooms are newly renovated with canopy beds and a view of the park and the moat. The castle houses 100 sleeping guests divided between rooms and suites.


Attractions in the area

Vraa is located in Northern Jutland by Store Vildmose, near Brønderslev and Aalborg, only 15 minutes drive from Blokhus, where you can find one of the best bathing beach in the country.

Golfing, put and take fishing or a day trip to the amusement park Fårup Sommerland are some of the popular activities in the area. Many of the attractions in North Jutland are within a short drive.


In olden times in the township of Kær, a number of free farms lay outside the village community. This community was referred to as "Vraa" for the first time in 1355. Under Skipper Clement they became part of a rebellion and was sentenced to cursory confiscation of property in 1535 making them peasants of the king. Vraa was formed from the confiscated lands and the castle was mentioned as a royal residence for the first time in 1553.

Councillor Predbjørn Gyldenstjerne bought Vraa from the King in 1600 and created the manor as one of Northern Jutland's grandest manors. He bred horses at the manor until 1616 when it was inherited by his daughter Jytte who married Christian Grubbe. In 1624 she sold it to the Council of the Realm.

Vraa became private property a few decades later. Ide Lindenov and Steen Beck built the main wing in 1645 and decorated the facade with their coat of arms. In the late 1700-hundreds a secret was found on the North side of the main wing. The moat encircling the castle was constructed in 1650.

Daughter Kirsten Lindenov, married Rodsten, inherits in 1674 and owns it until her death in 1719.

Daughter Else Elisabeth Rodsten inherits and dies in 1730.

Niece Birgitte Bille inherits and marries Count Holck in 1733.

Son Burchard Georg Holck expands the main wing with a frontipiece and two side wings. He died heir-less in 1785.

Widow Mariane Dorethe, born Trappaud, is the owner of Vraa until 1808. The legend says that she still haunts the castle looking for her child who drowned in the moat.

1810 - Hans Svanholm parcels out the estate into several farms. The principal lot was Gammel Vraa.

1842 - 1848: A W Schönau, also owns Store Restrup

1853 - 1907: C F Bang and his son F S M C Bang

1977 - 2005: Chris Hillingsø converts the castle into a hotel

2005 - 2009: The castle shifts between different owners

2009 - present: The castle was bought by Vraa Castle Hotel ApS - under Sophiendal Manor, which is owned by the Lokdam family and is a part of Danske Slotshoteller.

Relief with the Beck and Lindenov family's coat of arms is still displayed at the building's foundation in 1645 and on the wall behind the fireplace in the salon. A motto goes: "God's Good Spirit and Strong Hand Maintain Men and House From Drop and Gust From Hostile Violence". Read more...

Legends from Vraa Slotshotel

A carriage kept crossing the bridge. People believed that it was the count, who came back after something he forgot to take with him to the other life. One dag the owner of Vraa Castle had had enough of the nightly ride and put up a trap for the ghost. A red uniform jacket was fastened with a nail to the gable of the wing. The following day, the jacket was gone and the horse riding had stopped.

Now and then a white lady can be seen walking through the salons. She is told to be Mariane Dorethe looking for her child who drowned in the moat.

The best stories are heard in the mornings as the guests have breakfast and talk about what they have experienced during their stay at the castle.

Nyheder fra Danske Slotshoteller